Here Are The Worst NFL Stadiums To Buy A Beer, Ranked By How Expensive It Is



Going to NFL games is fun, if you can afford it! The problem is — unless it’s somehow a business expense or you’re a baller — you probably can’t afford it.  Tickets alone for nosebleeds are usually over a hundred dollars for any major market team (not you, Jacksonville), plus add on parking and beer and you’re easily dropping a couple hundred dollars on a Sunday afternoon.

A marketing company called put together a ranking of beer prices per ounce at NFL stadiums. Turns out The Linc in Philadelphia is the most expensive at 71 cents per ounce and Cincinnati is the cheapest at 36 cents per ounce. Though this week The Jags are offering “free beer” just to get people in the door for the Dolphins game, so I guess that technically wins?

Beware shady techniques like this one used at QWEST stadium that was discovered a couple years ago:

Here’s the listing, via Complex:

Philadelphia: 71 cents per ounce

San Francisco: 63 cents

Arizona: 60 cents

New Orleans: 56 cents

Oakland: 54 cents

Dallas: 53 cents

Baltimore: 53 cents

Pittsburgh: 50 cents

Green Bay: 48 cents

Detroit: 47 cents

Atlanta: 47 cents

NFL AVERAGE: 46 cents

Chicago: 46 cents

Kansas City: 45 cents

Washington: 45 cents

St. Louis: 45 cents

Buffalo: 45 cents

San Diego: 45 cents

Minnesota: 44 cents

Indianapolis: 44 cents

Tennessee: 44 cents

Denver: 42 cents

New York Giants: 42 cents

Seattle: 42 cents

Carolina: 42 cents

Cleveland: 42 cents

New York Jets: 42 cents

Houston: 42 cents

Tampa Bay: 39 cents

Miami: 39 cents

New England: 38 cents

Jacksonville: 38 cents

Cincinnati: 36 cents