WATCH: Hero Saves Woman From Flash Flood In Ellicott City, Maryland With The Help Of A Human Chain

“Four or five moments – that’s all it takes to become a hero.” That line is from Deadpool, but really it applies to the devastating flood waters that ravaged the Historic District of Ellicott City, Maryland on Saturday night.

The hero in the video above is Jason Barnes, a toy store owner in Ellicott City who bravely waded into angry flash flood waters to rescue a stranded motorist.

Last night there was a devastating flood that destroyed the Historic District of Ellicott City. Many people sought refuge in the foyer of our business. One of them was a true Hero, Jason Barnes, who risked his life to save a woman who’s car was being washed down Main St. He is lucky to be alive as he was almost washed away while rescuing Jaime Knight.

Others held Jason so he didn’t get swept up by the deadly waters. It’s a dramatic moment. This is what true selfless heroism looks like, ladies and gentlemen:

As for his toy store? Sadly, it was swamped in the deluge. Jason’s step-mother started a GoFundMe to help get his business back running again. As of this writing, it’s raised over $3500:

Jason Barnes, my stepson, was caught up in the tragedy of the Ellicott City, MD floods on 30 July 2016. As he was getting ready to close up his store, All Time Toys, for the night he noticed some water in the basement where all of his inventory was stored. He thought nothing of it, as the basement has gotten minor flooding in past rain events, but as he was moving his inventory off the floor he noticed water flooding in around the door that accesses the exterior of the building. Just as he reached the stairs heading for the main floor, the door gave way to feet of water gushing into the basement.

On reaching street level, he was confronted with a raging torrent of water surging down Main St. After a few minutes, Jason, along with a few other store owners who were huddled in the alleyway leading to their storefronts, noticed a car being swept down the street with a woman trapped inside. Even in the midst of knowing he’d likely just lost all of his inventory, Jason realized what was important and deftly tried to reach the woman as the car came to a stop in front of his store. However, he was swept off his feet by the rush of water flooding the town.

Undeterred, Jason made it to his feet, and this time, with the aid of the other brave men in the doorway, made a human chain to save the woman. However, after coming up short of their goal of being able to reach the car, Jason once again risked his own life to help the woman. He let go of the chain and lifted the woman off the car so she could reach the gentleman nearest to Jason. Thankfully, he was able to stay on his feet, and both he and the woman were pulled to safety.

Thankfully, Jason has insurance on his store, but we have no idea how long it will take to settle his claim, and we all full well know insurance never covers everything that was lost. Jason’s car was also swept into a sink hole. I’m pretty certain he only had liability insurance on the vehicle and it will be likely a complete loss and he’ll receive no reimbursement for it.

To make matters worse, Jason just recently realized his lifelong dream when he was able to purchase this store just two short months ago. This was his family of five’s sole means of support. Jason and his wife, Christine, have three children; Chance(16), Evelynn(4.5), and Nathanial(1.5). If you could find it in your hearts to spare anything you think you can afford, we would be forever grateful. If not, we certainly understand, but ask at a minimum you share his story with as many friends and family as you can. Thank you so much for your time.

Consider donating here. And may we all be more like Jason when the time calls for it.

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