Disturbing Video Of Guy Showing Off His Bound And Gagged ‘Girlfriend’ In 2009 Could Feature A Kidnapped Teen

Is the video above real or a hoax? That is the question everyone is trying to answer right now. In the video, which is entitled, “Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!” we see a man who calls himself Patrick making a vlog about a trip that he made to the mall with his new girlfriend. After gushing about how much he loves her and all the shit he bought her at Kay Jewelers, the camera cuts to him opening the door to a locked room in his basement where “his new gf” can be seen bound and gagged.

Now, naturally you want to say, “this is probably fake, just some asshole trying to get a rise out of the public with his hoax.” But this video was made in 2009 and it was literally the only video ever published on this guy’s YouTube Channel Hi Walter, It’s Me Patrick. Maybe he wanted to see how long it would take for anyone to notice this? Maybe he is Walter and Patrick is his sick alter ego that kidnaps 15-year-old girls.

Right now, the latter is being investigated by the Antigo Police Department in Antigo, WI. In fact, there is a cold case of a teenage girl, Kayla Berg, who went missing in Antigo just two months prior to this video being uploaded on YouTube. From what we can make of it, she actually looks a lot like the girl we see in the video.


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While it is still unknown whether or not this video is related to the kidnapping, this Imgur page has been updating the story in great detail. From the locks used on the door to hold his girlfriend, to the reflections in Patrick’s glasses, even down to the fact that the police tried to search “Patrick’s” house, but no one was home, the Imgur page has an abundance of additional information and random observations.

Lastly, if you recognize the man in the video, Antigo police ask you to contact their non-emergency line at (715) 627-6411.

[H/T Imgur]