Hidden Crotch Cam Catches Women Gawking At Man’s Enticing Bulge On The Train

Ladies, it’s perfectly natural to want to assess a man’s erotic plumage, and by erotic plumage I of course mean what’s he’s packing in his pantaloons. The good folks over at Crotch Cam have done this video where they present a hearty bulge in their jeans, attach a hidden camera in their groin area and go on the train to see if they would get any reactions. They took their hard-to-beat gag to Europe, where men wearing tight pants is the norm, to see if any women could win the battle of the bulge.

To be fair, this gentleman does have an eye-catching piece and it may cause tractor beams to anyone, male or female. Some of the Euro girls give it a tiny peek, while others flatout gawk at the delicious fruit basket. Other women do the drive-by spy to get a glimpse of the mule knuckle. Some girls are cunning and pretend they’re looking at their phone or fixing their hair when they’re actually gazing at the delightful package, but the crotch camera catches them. See manspreading doesn’t have to all be such a negative thing.

Excuse me, I have to go to the store to purchase extra thick wool socks. Yes, I know it’s winter, but I feel bigger is better at this moment.