You’ll Never Guess What This Man Is Hiding In His Beard…Actually, You Totally Will

I’m truly not shocked by anything at all anymore. After years of spending every single day scouring the Internet for the most ‘WTF’ content I can find, then turning around, making some GIFs, and sharing it with you bros there’s really nothing at all that shocks me. Hence why I went with the ‘you’ll never guess…actually, you totally will’ headline because I’m willing to bet that by now there’s not many of you bros out there that still get surprised by content you come across.

If this was 10 years ago I might’ve been startled to see men pull revolvers out of their grizzly beards, but not anymore. These days I just assume everyone in the world (including everyone around me in the BroBible office) is carrying a gun and that all women are really men and that the story that’s supposed to have a sad ending but turned out to be a happy one is actually fake because nothing’s real and everything’s real all at the same time…You following me, bro?

I hate to break it to you bro, but that butt on the hot chick you just saw on Twitter was actually just a zoomed in picture of a male bodybuilder’s ass. That privacy statement you’ve been sharing on Facebook is completely useless and you’re a dumber human being having fell for that scam. And last but not least, this dude’s beard is not to keep him warm in the Winter, it’s to hide his revolver:

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