This Guy Got High On 52 Different Drugs To Paint Self-Portraits And The Bath Salts Image Is Nightmarish

“Cocaine is a powerful drug.” — Rick James
“But what does it do to your painting skills?” — Bryan Lewis Saunders

I’m just assuming that was the basis for this experiment in drugs and water colors, done by Mr. Saunders over a very short period. The results were the insane portraits you’re about to witness and possible long term damage to his brain.

Saunders writes that he took a different drug every day to see how it affected his self-perception. Within weeks, he “became lethargic and suffered mild brain damage” — so do I really need to recommend you don’t try this experiment at home?

Today, he continues the experiment, but only with drugs he’s given by medical professionals for unrelated health problems.

I’m not sure “suffering for your art” needs to be taken to such an extreme but here are Saunders painting and the drugs he was on.

Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, and Xanax




Morphine IV

Bath Salts

That bath salts picture isn’t going to give me nightmares. I might have to skip my nap at work today.

There are even more and slightly craziest portraits here.

[via Ryot]

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