High School Suggesting Girls Wear T-Shirts Under Revealing Prom Dresses And ‘Shut Up!’ Said Every Guy Going To Prom



A Connecticut high school is putting a stop to “revealing” prom dresses this year. What does the Shelton High School consider “revealing”? Um, just about every prom dress ever made.

“The dress code — which is a separate online document that is part of a student code of conduct — prohibits bare midriffs, halter tops, tube tops, strapless tops, see-through lace tops, spaghetti strap tank tops, and short mini skirts.”

Burlap sacks! Get your burlap sacks here, ladies! This might have not been a big deal if the dress code was laid out in January or February. Parents and students are pissed because the school sent out the rules a week ago. Most women have already purchased their dresses for, let’s just assume, a RIDICULOUS amount of money for a one time only wear.

The school is claiming this only became an issue recently, after students were showing off their dresses during class, and old biology teacher were popping boners and running to the principal.

Burr said the issue came to light a week or so ago when students started sharing pictures of their dresses with faculty and staff — who became concerned with what they saw. Some dresses, he said clearly crossed the line.

“Obviously, we understand that prom attire is different from what students wear to school on a daily basis, but what we will not allow are dresses that are considered to overexpose one’s body,” Burr said.

That dress clearly crosses the line. Wait, let me see it again. Slower. Sllloowwweeer.

The school doesn’t want to leave the ladies hanging and doesn’t want parents wasting a ton of money (that’s what college is for) so they offered some alternatives for dresses deemed “questionable” by school administration.

“They’ve suggested the girls wear T-shirts under their dresses,” said Trisha Marini, whose daughter has had not one, but two dresses rejected as inappropriate. “My daughter won’t wear a T-shirts. She would be mortified.”

Here’s a photo of Ms. Marini’s daughter’s dress. How dare she show so much wingspan!

[via CT Post]

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