High School Kid Botches A Handstand And Leaves An Imprint Of His Face On The Basketball Court

I did some stupid stuff in high school. But, I always think that the stupid things you do in high school are, really, more important than the stupid stuff you do in college. Everyone makes mistakes in college. It’s the ones who mess up in high school that have a better shot of making it. You live with your mistakes for that long and you’re bound to learn from them.

Take Chase here. Chase somehow ended up on a second story platform and was very easily convinced to do a front flip off of it. This is a big mistake that Chase will undoubtedly learn from.

First of all, RIP Chase. Can I say RIP if he’s still alive? Well, there’s no way he’s fully alive. A part of him just died. The Chase that wakes up in the hospital will not be the same Chase that climbed up onto that platform. New Chase will have to live with his mistake every time he walks by the imprint of his face he obviously left on the hardwood floor of the basketball court. I see big things in Chase’s future. For one, the kid’s going to be a psychopath in college. You can’t really say no to much when you’ve already experienced smashing every inch of your face into concrete covered in hardwood. Covering his arm in cheap vodka and lighting it on fire? Yep. Keg stands? Sure. Impressing a girl by wrapping himself in cellophane and then jumping into a pool so he has to chew his way out of the cellophane otherwise he’ll sink the bottom of the pool and drown? Probably.  But, once Chase gets the crazy out of his system, guy will be a great addition to society. This is probably the best thing that could have ever happened to him. I’m seeing doctor or lawyer. You heard it hear first, I guarantee this is the kid that eventually cures cancer. Chase the high schooler, MD.