If You Would Like To Learn What ‘Getting Trounced’ Means, Check The Just Released Polls From Four Key Swing States

Pretty much since her convention, Hillary Clinton has done absolutely nothing. Well, nothing except watch her opponent immolate himself.

Donald Trump’s had a very visible, very bad couple of weeks, and that is clearly reflected in the just released Marist/NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, which shows Hillary Clinton dominating in four swing states.

Look at these numbers.

That’s a five-point lead in Florida, a nine-point lead in North Carolina, a 13-point lead in Virginia, and a 14-point lead in Colorado.

North Carolina has only gone to a Democrat twice in the past ten elections. Virginia’s the same (although it is turning more and more permanently blue). Colorado’s not much different, having gone for the Democrats three times since 1976.

Florida, of course, is a state Trump really needs to win, with its 29 electoral votes. It’ll be very hard for him to get to 270 without it. It has gone red in six of the past ten elections, and is still the tightest out of these swing states.

Interestingly, it’s also the only one of these where the gap shrunk in the past month. Before the conventions, Clinton had a seven-point advantage. Since the Democratic convention, Trump’s campaigned hard there, holding multiple rallies in the state.

[Via @BenjySarlin]