RIP ‘The Dab’ (2015-2016) Because Hillary Clinton Just Killed It On ‘Ellen’

by 3 years ago
clinton dab


RIP ‘The Dab’ (2015-2016).

You were oh so young when you were taken from us (probably just in time) by one, Hillary Clinton.

Making an appearance on Ellen, the Democratic presidential hopeful attempted to learn how to Dab, and I can never look at the dance the same way again. Can never do it in the club again without thinking about this. Can never give any credence to anyone who does it under the guise that it’s cool anymore, because it’s officially not. Get a new celebration move, Cam Newton. Hillary Clinton struggling to learn the Dab aside Ellen DeGeneres, some weirdly snickering guy in a suit, and some other dude who also unfortunately taught her how to do the ‘Whip/Nae-Nae’ in a previous episode has officially ushered in the dance move’s demise.

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