James Corden And Jason Derulo Driving Around LA Doing Karaoke Together Are A Goddamn Riot

James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” segments are always entertaining, but this recent spin the Late Late Show host took with hip-hop magnate Jason Derulo was especially hilarious. While rolling around Los Angeles the duo bust out some legitimately awesome renditions of Derulo’s bangers, including “Talk Dirty,” “Wiggle” and a fire harmonized duet of “Want To Want Me.” As always, the riotous British comedian also had some absurd questions prepared for Derulo, which led to some club dance move rehearsals in a totally random downtown parking lot.

Buckle up for 10 minutes of hilarity, because the laughs start immediately with Jason Derulo trying to explain to Corden what “gucci” means in slang.

Three takeaways here: First, James Corden honestly has a ridiculous set of pipes. Has proved it over and over again with these “Carpool Karaoke” segments. Dude straight up transcends musical boundaries and can’t be held down by genres. Hits any note he wants. If Jason Derulo featured him on a track, I’d probably play it non-stop for a week. It’d be FIRE. Second, I don’t even know how the star tour driver didn’t crash the truck they hitched a ride on, because I was dying in fits of laughter. Third, I’m busting out “The Dab” at every club I dance at in the year 2016. Fire burning on the dance floor!!!

And who knew Christian Bale drove a Toyota Corolla? Hilarious stuff, bros.

[h/t Joe.ie]


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