Hillary Clinton Pulls A Rich Elitist Move By Ordering A Burrito Bowl WITH GUAC At Chipotle

As of yesterday, Hillary Clinton is officially running for President. First order of business now that the cat is out of the bag? A road trip to Iowa. And Food. So she hit up every young millennial’s favorite fast casual food chain, Chipotle, in town of Maumee, Ohio. No one noticed her and she ordered a chicken burrito bowl, according to the New York Times:

Tipped that she had been there, I called the manager, Charles Wright, but he insisted I was wrong. He offered to check the security footage, though — and there it was. His employees, he said, were kicking themselves.

Mrs. Clinton ordered a chicken burrito bowl, Mr. Wright said.

Strategic. Millennials LOVE Chipotle to the point where they can’t shut up about how much they love it. Nice political pander to the youngsters, Hils.

But then ABC News takes this important scoop one step further:

According to Manager Charles Wright, no one recognized Clinton, who was wearing sunglasses. The newly-minted presidential candidate ordered a chicken bowl with guacamole, a chicken salad and fruit juice, according to Wright.


That’s such a smug coastal elite Chipotle move. If she’s trying to appeal to the hard working middle class masses who aren’t made of money, it’s best to forgo the guac a Chipotle to maintain street cred. No one who keeps it real orders guac because they know that it costs extra. Middle America isn’t made of money. Ordering guac at a Chipotle in Ohio for lunch is such a — save the green stuff for a dinner burrito bowl, Hils.

A move like that certainly isn’t going earn you any votes, unless it’s with Qdoba Mexican Grill customers who only eat there for free guac and sub-par queso. Those people are monsters.

Could this be Hilary’s first campaign misstep?

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