Ha Ha This Dog Looks Like Hitler


Daily Mirror

If you believe in reincarnation, you gotta be confused and/or worried by this sudden rash of animals who appear to look like Hitler.

First, it was Hitler Fish. Then there was Hitler Cat.

Now, it’s Hitler Dog, the Chihuahua puppy who looks like Hitler. Look at him, look how much he looks like Hitler!


Daily Mirror

Here’s Hitler for comparisons sake.

Poor guy. The owner says she calls him Adolf, which doesn’t really help his cause. He is for sale though. Here, buy our spite and hate-filled puppy.

But first, watch him play and see how non-threatening he is.

Of course, when Hitler was just painting, or even annexing the Sudetenland, everyone said the same about him. He seemed so adorable.

More importantly, what’s up with all this? Is Hitler trying to come back to this Earth? Why are so many animals showing up that look like the Fuhrer?

Something’s not right. I intend to find out.