Did Hitler Like To Have The Ladies Take Poops On His Chest During Sex? Yea, He Did

Man, you gotta wonder if Hitler is ever gonna recover from all these epic owns the internet’s been dropping about his sex life recently.

Like, dude is getting wrecked on the world wide web. First there was speculation about his lack of a pair. Then? The ol’ micro dick.

He can’t go on Twitter after that shit dropped. What’s he gonna say. It ain’t true? He’d get ROASTED.

Now, the Furher should def shy away from social media after this next revelation.

Hitler liked to have his niece shit on him before sex.

Guy had a scat fetish.

(I guess, despite his Austrian heritage, he took being a German to heart.)

According to the Irish Mirror, the U.S.’s psychological dossier on Hitler found the dictator to be a coprophiliac, with a little incest on the side.

Wartime studies by a US intelligence agency found the evil Fuhrer had a passion for “poo sex”.

The Nazi leader reportedly loved women performing the act while standing over him.

Adolf allegedly performed this gross sexual fantasy with his niece Geli Raubal.

He also liked to get the shit kicked out of him.

It also claimed that during a night with German film star Renate Müller, Hitler forced her to kick him as he lay curled up on the floor.

The report concluded that Hitler was “incapable” of having normal sex, which is comforting. Would be kinda weird if the most heinous man in the history of the world was into missionary.

Like, would you want to know you fucked the same way as Hitler? No. You would not.

Thankfully, you don’t. Probably.

[H/T Unilad]