Home Invader Breaks Into Couple’s Apartment And Watches Them Sleep For Over Ten Minutes

You ever get that feeling that you’re being watched. You’re sitting at home, catching up on Netflix or clearing out your DVR and suddenly you a feeling runs up your spine that someone is standing right behind you. It’s probably why most dudes will only pump their stump with the door closed. Even if they live alone, they subconsciously want that extra bit of privacy, even if they live alone. Because you never know who may be watching.

For everyone who’s ever felt like this, you probably won’t want to watch the video below. Or you might, just to prove to yourself that you’re not completely crazy.

Fuck that. Right in the face. Fuck that on so many levels. I can almost guarantee this guy didn’t even want the purse, he just wanted to have that power over the sleeping couple. It’s like in the movies when the monster comes out of the closet and stands over the soon to be victim while they’re sleeping. I don’t even want to know what the little voices in his head were telling him to do. I might never jerk off again. Who knows who is standing behind me in plain sight? I fucking don’t. Also, big ups to the guy figuring out a way to say, “I’m buying a gun” without actually explicitly stating that. Personally, if I were him, I’d be afraid of escalation. He buys a gun, the invader buys two guns, so then he buys two guns and gives the girlfriend a gun, suddenly the invader is coming in with three guns and a partner who also has three guns. I’d probably just buy an alarm system. And maybe a baseball bat.

[h/t Coed]