Terrifying Video Shows Hundreds Of Honey Bees Murder A Gigantic Fishing Spider When It Attacks Their Hive

by 2 years ago

The friends and family of this fishing spider may think twice about rolling up on a pack of honey bees after the whole damn community just put their boy though an agonizing death. The fishing spider’s main prey are birds and snakes so this cocky motherfucker probably thought a few bees was merely an appetizer before it injected venom into a hummingbird with its hollow jaws to kill and digest the prey. Nah bruh. Strength in numbers. Honey bees will continue to attack as long as they sense any movement from the prey, so this poor bastard didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell. According to the Schmidt Scale, a honey bee’s stinging pain is a  2 out of 4 (intermediate pain) so you gotta think this eight-legged monster endured hundreds before bowing out. Not a death I would wish on anyone but a spider.

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