Are You Buying These Hoodies That Will Get You High With Secret Vaporizers And Bowls Built In?

While marijuana is quickly becoming legalized all over the place, it still isn’t legal to smoke it in public. Two clothing manufacturers are attempting to make the life of the weed enthusiast easier with these hoodies that you can secretly toke from.

The apparel companies Hood Horkerz and vapRwear are selling hoodies that are outfitted with system that allows a person to smoke weed from the drawstrings. Hood Horkerz has a mouthpiece on one end of the drawstring to inhale the goodness and the other side has a glass bowl. The vapRwear design has a vaporizer on one end and allows you to not only puff on your favorite sticky icky, but also smoke things other than weed such as e-juice, oil blend, dry herb and wax. The vapRwear hood lace is made out of silicone tubing and the outside is fire retardant shoe lace material, so you won’t be set ablaze when blazing up.

A Hood Horkerz sweatshirt will set you back $124 each, meanwhile vapRwear’s high hoodie is $99.

Sean Owens claims to be the originator of smokable apparel and invented Horkerz back in 2011 in Vermont and has had a patent-pending since 2013. Owens explains how he cooked up the idea, “I was at my buddy’s snowboard shop and he didn’t have a pipe to smoke out of and I kinda pulled on my hoodie strings and was like, ‘Man! This would be the perfect place for a pipe!'”

Owens claims that vapRwear stole his idea. However vapRwear CEO Elvis “Papi” Andrews says he was only improving on a faulty design. “I invented the [vape sweatshirt] on 4/20 in Denver last year. I saw Sean and his partner, I knew their hoodies, and I knew how to make them better.” The crazy part is that Edwards, who is from the Caribbean, says that he never even smoked weed. He says his father was in the weed business, but it didn’t interest him. “I didn’t want to get into the weed business because that’s still frowned on in my country,” Edwards said.

One problem. The product was created to discretely smoke weed out of your hoodie, however there is a billboard-sized logo on the front of the hoodie that broadcasts to everyone including cops that it is “vapRwear.” It’s like someone was high when they designed it. Oh. Yeah.