Is Hilary Duff Using Tinder To Pick Up Dudes? Because It Sure Looks Like It.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff, Instagram

On Saturday, we brought you the story of how Leonardo DiCaprio is “obsessed” with using Tinder to find regular chicks. I genuinely can believe this because maybe he’s tired of high maintenance supermodels and wants a normal girls that have worshiped him ever since 1991 when he was Luke Brower in the television show Growing Pains. However today’s story regarding Hilary Duff using Tinder to meet strangers on a dating app is questionable, but *fingers crossed!*

Someone claimed to find Hilary Duff on Tinder and uploaded a screenshot to Reddit. Sure it could be photoshopped, but Tinder does link up to the person’s Instagram. And on this particular profile it appears to link up to Hilary’s Instagram with the same photos and the same amount of pics uploaded. However that too can be photoshopped.

She is a newly divorced from former NHL player Mike Comrie, and is a single mom who is still a big celebrity that may not have time or ability to find a regular dude at a Starbucks or bar. So why wouldn’t she use the hookup app to find an anonymous gentleman friend to get some strange dick.

On the flip side, I don’t believe it because look how ridiculously hot she is in next month’s issue of Shape Magazine.



Why would a seductive woman of this magnitude need to waste her time getting inundated with fat unemployed guys messaging her, “On your profile it says, ‘Let’s get pizza?’ I’ll gladly give you a pizz a this dick.” I wouldn’t think that the lovely Hilary would deserve or desire to be put through all that for some sex.

But who am I to rob the hopes and dreams of thousands of Tinder users who want to bang their teen crush. There’s still a chance that Lizzy McGuire is out there on the hunt for some anonymous lovin’. So get out there and start swiping. May the odds be ever in your favor.


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