How About This HORRIBLE Couple Who E-mailed A Wedding Guest To Say Her Monetary Gift Wasn’t Enough

angry bride and groom wedding


So, apparently there’s some online forum called Mumsnet where Mums of the U.K. (and anywhere for that matter I guess) go to discuss their parenting problems and stories and whatever kind of motherly stuff Mums like to talk about. Hey, there’s a niche on the Internet for anything.

Recently, one of the Mums confronted some of her fellow Mums concerned about how to respond to a what sounds like one of those unfathomable-to-be-around newly married couples, who had contacted her post-wedding to send along their gratitude…by letting her know the check she cut was, shall we say, inadequate.

Asshole move, right!?

Needless to say, the other Mums on the forum found the couple’s request just as brash as you or I would, and quickly came to the distressed Mum’s aid with some great suggestions of how to adequately respond to the ungrateful pieces of shit.

Mumsnet wedding spat

That last one above is a goddamn fantastic piece of writing, for what it’s worth. And because I know you’re dying to find out how it all ended, well, eventually the Mum did respond to the assholes, and she was a whole lot nicer than anyone I know would’ve been, that’s for sure.

Classic Mum move, taking the high road. Personally, I would’ve responded with no words and this .gif (because what else is there to say?)

fuck you gif jim jeong

And cancelled that check as well. Good fucking riddance.

[h/t Metro]