Woman Live-Tweets A Horrible First Date With A Conceited Hipster Douche Who ‘Looks Like James Franco’

I’ve never been on a blind date in my entire life and its stories like these ones that will keep me a lonely spinster as my hair turns grey and my memory dims from all those whip-its I did junior year of college on a dare from…okay I lied. No one dared me, I was just doing whip-its. But I’d rather be doing whip-its alone in my basement with the lights off than spending a single second with this screenwriting hipster douchebag who somehow convinced a poor lil’ lady to go on a date with him…or one of her friends pranked her into going on the worst blind date of her life. Both suck so it’s apples to apples on this one.

Either way, never tell anyone that you look like James Franco. That might’ve been cool back when the first live-action Spider-Man came out, but now? Ehhhh…Dave Franco’s where it’s at.

[H/T Elite Daily & Twitter]