Watch An Out-Of-Control Hot Air Balloon Drag An SUV Around Like It’s Nothing

I’m not sure what the people here at the Waterford Balloonfest in Wisconsin were thinking on this day. All you have to do is take one look at the sky in the video. Or, uh, listen to the gale force winds and it would seem to me that breaking out a hot air balloon at this moment would be a bad idea.

But what do I know? Apparently a windstorm just came out of nowhere and one of the balloons took on a mind of its own with one of the ropes latching on to an SUV and dragging it along until it crashes into something.

“All of a sudden a gust of wind came through and everyone came through and everyone tried the best they could to try and hold the balloons down, they weren’t inflated yet but wind took the balloon — they pulled on the ropes, rope took one of the men up. There was actually a pilot in the basket with another gentleman and they did the best they could and he went up and another man fell down,” said Amber Riley-Eckman, Waterford Fire Department and Chamber of Commerce.

Truly amazing that the SUV didn’t run anyone over and no one was injured.