Bro Is Getting A Pretty Hot Lap Dance From A Stripper At His Bachelor Party When — WHAM! I Think She Broke His Balls

Hell of a way for this Bro to say goodbye to his single years. I love that this stripper thought she could do full cock-riding thrust on this guy in a dinky plastic lawn chair. Like, plenty of Bros have laid pipe like that in those white plastic lawn chairs, but no way could one of those things handle a stripping mock-jumping on a dick like that. That chair met it’s fate.

My real concern is over this poor groom’s package. He was probably about five seconds away from full mast before the full weight of her body fell on his lap. How does one explain to a future wife why you are icing your balls with frozen peas when you get home from your bachelor party? That’s a dog house situation if I’ve ever heard of one.

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