There’s Now A Taco Emoji, A Burrito Emoji, And A Poppin’ Bottles Emoji. My Life Is Complete

Happy Emoji Day, bros! Today the world had 37 new emojis dropped on it, including the long awaited hot dog emoji, a burrito emoji, and a taco emoji. I for one cannot fathom how we as a civilization have made it this far without being able to communicate via hot dot emoji, but now hat we have the hot dog emoji the past is the past and we can all move on.

This marks a major day in history, as there have bene countless White House petitions in the past for a hot dog emoji, and the taco emoji is quite possibly the most useful emoji in existence now that it has been released. Other notable emojis in the Unicode 8.0 release include ‘bottle with popping cork’, ‘turkey’, ‘ice hockey stick and puck’ just in time for the Stanley Cup to have ended, and last but not least: ‘sign of the horns’ for all the heavy metal fans in the world.

If you’re not familiar with Unicode it is the standard code for emojis so that they show up across all your devices and platforms, and Unicode 8.0 is the latest batch with all of these glorious emoji releases. You can find a full listing of the 37 new emoji characters here, or just read below as I’ve copy and pasted them for you:

Bottle With Popping Cork:


Hot Dog:


Sign Of The Horns:

Cheese Wedge
Unicorn Face
Badminton Racquet
Cricket Bat And Ball
Field Hockey Stick And Ball
Ice Hockey Stick And Puck
Table Tennis Paddle And Ball
Upside-Down Face
Face With Rolling Eyes
Zipper-Mouth Face
Money-Mouth Face
Face With Thermometer
Nerd Face
Thinking Face
Face With Head-Bandage
Robot Face
Hugging Face
Bow And Arrow
Lion Face
Prayer Beads
Menorah With Nine Branches
Place Of Worship
Food & Drink
Travel & Places
Objects & Symbols
New Emoji
Skin Tone Modifiers

There are also quite a few emoji modifier packs along with this release.

What bothers me the most is that they were all released today, and I didn’t have the taco emoji yesterday to go along with this pic. It could’ve been instant sex + taco Tuesday tacos:

So when can we expect to see these 37 new emojis on our iPhone’s now that they’ve been released in Unicode 8.0? Unicode discusses that in their latest blog post:

You see, just because an emoji gets approved, it’s of no use to anyone until fonts are released that include these emojis on major platforms such as iOS, Android, OS X and Windows.

Apple jumped ahead with Unicode 8 and provided support for the Emoji (Skin Tone) Modifiers in iOS 8.3, despite the Unicode 8 Standard being a draft at that stage.

Yet the middle finger emoji lingers unsupported by most (but not all) platforms, despite being approved as part of Unicode 7 in June of 2014.

What I’m saying is that if you are like Roger Federer and craving that Popcorn emoji, it’s now in the hands of Apple, Google, Microsoft, and you might be waiting a while.

So if you want to see these emojis on your iPhone sooner than later I suggest you all go tweet at Apple CEO Tim Cook right now, and tell him how badly you want the hot dog and taco emojis. Otherwise we just wait and wait until Apple decides the time is right….

Shout out to ‘First we Feast’ for covering the new emoji release yesterday!