Check Out This Hot Crazy-Eyed Florida Lawyer Who Reportedly Got Disbarred For Banging Her Clients Behind Bars


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Linda Hadad goes HARD, and I mean HARD-HARD. “Hard” as in she was a criminal defense attorney, but then the extra “hard” to make her “hard-hard” comes from the fact that she is completely fucking off-the-walls no-holds-barred cra—we can’t call women crazy anymore? We can only say they have crazy eyes? Oh. Hm…okay then, Linda Hadad is very fucking off-the-walls no-holds-barred “energetic” when it comes to her job. Except by “energetic” I mean “she reportedly banged her incarcerated clients.”

Bet her Yelp reviews are stellar.

According to a statement issued by the Florida Bar, the 42-year-old “engaged in a pattern of misconduct that included illegal drug use and sexual relationships with clients. She had inappropriate intimate relationships with inmates that the Volusia County jail while she represented them, and engaged in inappropriate phone calls, which were routinely recorded by the jail.” Come on lady, you’re (a former) lawyer – you should know that the calls get recorded. Hell, I know the calls get recorded and I had to check to make sure I spelled “lawyer” right the last two times I typed it, and yet apparently I’m more suited for the job than you are. According to Daily Mail,

In a lengthy deposition Hadad admitting to using crack, cocaine, meth, acid, marijuana, Xanax, Adderall, and oxycodone, among other drugs.

Hadad said she had tried meth three times and as recently as one year ago, crack 10 times and most recently a little over a year ago, cocaine 10 times, ecstasy 20 times and acid once.

She admitted as well that on one occasion she rented a car for a drug dealer who repaid her with drugs.

She was also forced to listen to phone sex recordings during her deposition that she made with Sullivan and another inmate, 25-year-old Brandon Carson, while they were behind bars.

Carson, who during their conversations spoke frequently about conspiracy theories and believed that the atomic bombing of Hiroshima occurred in 1954, alluded at one point to an upcoming conjugal visit between the two.

You’d think it stops there, but we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Not only did Hadad admit to using drugs, but she also alluded to having sex with clients while they were still behind bars:

Hadad also lamented the fact that he was behind bars, telling him in one conversation; ‘You’re in jail and I can’t touch your penis wrinkle.’

She then said; ‘I’m mad. We still have to get my sex toy too. We were supposed to go to the sex shop.’

Hadad also admitted to kissing Carson while he was in prison ‘one time.’

Her conversations with Sullivan however were far more graphic and sexual in nature.

When the two spoke about shooting meth Hadad voiced her concern, at which point Sullivan tells her; ‘B****, you do what the f*** I tell you to do.’

He then tells her; ‘Go buy a diabetic needle. I’m gonna shoot you up one goddamn time. You act like it’s such a goddamn crime ‘cause I want you to be in euphoria for f****** 30 minutes? Sorry.’

Hadad responds to that by saying; ‘All right. If you want me to, I’ll try it.’(via)

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Hadad has reportedly been arrested five times before, although surprisingly only one of those times was for anything most people would consider “criminal”: once 2010 for a DUI, and four other times after that due to vehicle registration issues.

And while Hadad is now without a job after being disbarred, one would think that she’s at least happy with the fact that her career ended with a *BANG*.

Get it? Get it? Okay I’ll leave. Bye!

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