Hot Girl Decides To Pull Down Her Top And Film Herself Fondling Her Boobs In A Park, Is Promptly Arrested (VIDEO)

I don’t have much to say about this video. It’s literally some chick fondling herself in a park. It’s awkward, it’s weird, and while you might find it hot I find it really creepy in a casting couch sort of way. Unfortunately for her and luckily for any of the parents with children who might’ve been taking a casual stroll through the park at the time of her…uh, disrobement, the police showed up after being tipped off that some nutty chick was getting naked in the park and they promptly arrested her.

Unsurprisingly, upon being released from jail she tweeted about it. Because that’s what idiots do – tweet about being arrested / released from prison.


[H/T Dude Comedy]