Hot Kinky Tinder Girl Has Crazy Proposition For Bro Involving The Fact She’s Bisexual And A Video Camera


When it comes to crazy Tinder stories we’ve seen it all: girls openly admitting they’re racist in their bio, chicks spamming dudes “Netflix and chill?” to see how easy it is to get laid off of one line, and hell — if you’re looking for a random dude to peg your boyfriend, Tinder’s got you covered.

This Bro on the other hand wasn’t looking to get his butthole stuffed, nor was he looking for some casual sex in a confederate flag-laden bedroom. Nope, just lookin’ for the usual wham-bam-thank-you-m’am…except what he got instead was a proposition for a blowjob from a dude on video in exchange for being able to bang the hot chick you see above.

As you’ll soon see he didn’t bite, however he did get pretty far along before backing out…Bro’s got balls of steel. Moreso than most of us can brag. According to our tipster:

So I match with this girl on Tinder, [REDACTED], & I send her a message. She answers & things are going pretty normal. “What’s up?” “Where ya from?” “Do you like sports?” normal shit like that. I never read her bio, cuz bitches write dumb fucked up bullshit in there & it’s a waste of time lol…Then all of a sudden she asks me if I’m bisexual

The rest is pretty self explanatory from the screen shots, but then I show my co-worker & we decide to play along because we’re bored as shit at work & we’re curious if she’s legit fit for a straight jacket or she’s just fucking around. So she gave me her gay friends cell number to text. So I made my co-worker use his fake phone number app to text him





Bit of a bummer our Bro didn’t follow through for the story, but hey…if you come across a girl looking like this on Tinder:

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You’ll know what’s up.