Check Out A Wood-Fired Hot Tub That’s Also A Boat And Laugh At Its Awful Name

This is a genius idea right up to the point where it got a name, and then, not so much.

The HotTug seats six to eight people, and heats the water up to 101º F with a wood stove onboard. It sails quietly with an integrated 2.4 KW MinnKota engine, and can also accommodate an outboard engine if you’ve really got somewhere to be.

With a top speed of about three miles per hour when full of 475 gallons of water, you won’t set any speed records. But who cares? You’re already in a hot tub!

A wood stove in the front of the boat heats the water up to about 101º F in about 2.5 hours. All it takes is a small fire built with normal logs.

Awesome idea but the name…the Hot Tug?!? I mean it makes sense but it also sounds like the first menu option at a brothel. “I’ll get the hot tug and then maybe the cock punch?”

[via Gear Patrol]