Clemson Bro Shoots His Hot Wife With A Nerf Gun Every Day For A Week And Her Descent Into Madness Is Amazing

Getting shot with a Nerf gun doesn’t hurt, not in the slightest bit. That doesn’t stop people from reacting like they’ve just been subjected to medieval torture every time that they get shot with a Nerf gun, and it doesn’t stop other people from shooting them every day and filming it for the enjoyment of the Internet.

In the latest installment of ‘person goes mad after getting repeatedly shot with a Nerf gun’ we’ve got this Clemson bro’s hot wife who chooses to lounge around the house wearing nothing but bathing suits (it’s Summer, I get it), who slowly slips into madness over the course of a week. This is a good prank, and we need more like this on the Internet.

Now, if you’re like me and this video kind of made you want to get back into the Wide World of NERF Guns then you should check out all of our features Nerf articles in the past because my colleague Chris Illuminati’s gone ham in covering Nerf in recent months. Might I suggest you start with ‘The 6 Best Nerf Guns To Buy For Under $50 That Are Perfect For Outdoor Wars‘.

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