Here are the 20 Hottest NFL WAGs for the 2014 Season

While you’re probably hard at work finishing your fantasy pre-draft research on the company clock, take a second to reconsider your findings and check out the top 20 Hottest NFL WAGS for 2014. Note: qurterbacks dominated this list, but welcome to Earth, where that’s just how this sort of thing works.

20) Jordan Dalton- Andy Dalton

Things are going well for Mr. Dalton. In addition to scoring his wife, Jordan, Dalton just cashed in with a big time eight-figure contract extension.

19) Lauren Tannehill- Ryan Tannehill

The Tannehills burst on the scene during the 2012 NFL draft, as wife Lauren absolutely shut down the green room and was the talk of the draft. Two years later, Lauren is still the best part of that package down there in Miami.

18) Talor Reazin- Danny Amendola

It remains to be seen as to whether or not the Danny Amendola experiment will work up in New England, but don’t tell that to Talor.

17) Miranda Brooke- AJ Green

Look at the Bengals, coming in real strong. Green absolutely dominates on the field, so is it even really a surprise that he does the same off the field?

16) Kelly Hall- Matthew Stafford

Matt Stafford isn’t exactly synonymous with winning on the field, but that couldn’t be further from the case off it.

15.) Lacey Minchew- Matt Flynn

Good Lord, Matt Flynn. Name a guy who’s done more with less. Just kidding, you can’t.

14.) Lilit Avagyan- Reggie Bush

People tend to knock Reggie, saying he goes for the Kim Kardashian lookalikes, but can you really blame him?

13.) Gisele Bundchen- Tom Brady

Say what you want about Brady and the Patriots’ evil empire, but if Jesus is the Son of God, then Brady is God’s illegitimate stepson. A list like this without Brady and Bundchen is like peanut butter without jelly.

12.) Kristin Cavallari- Jay Cutler

In his time with the Chicago Bears, Cutler has been knocked for his toughness and the worthiness of his contract, but with a wife like Cavallari, Jay just “DOOONN’TTT CAAAARRREEE!”

11.) Candice Crawford- Tony Romo

Tony Romo’s dating history has somewhat fashioned him the Derek Jeter of the NFL, just without the clutch play. Or the wins. Or the championships.

10.) Sarah Hinton- Garrett Celek

Garrett who? Actually, he’s the San Francisco 49ers fullback, for your information. You may not want a fullback on your roster, but you sure do want his chick.

9.) Olivia Munn- Aaron Rodgers

You can’t really go wrong with Rodgers on the fantasy gridiron or in real life as this guy is the cream of the crop. Apparently that’s the way he prefers his women as well.

8.) Katherine Webb- AJ McCarron

While McCarron likely won’t see the field this season, one thing he did see was his way down the aisle as he locked in Webb for the long term. Nice move, AJ.

7.) Jessie James- Eric Decker

What a catch by Decker. Grabs may be few and far between this year though, as Decker will be receiving passes from Geno Smith, er, Michael Vick… Fuck, who knows?

6.) Claudia Sampedro- Julius Peppers

Good for J Pep. Peppers is the only big ugly and the only defensive player to make the list. But I guess when you put together a Hall of Fame career, these things just sort of fall into place.

5.) Kacie McDonell- Aaron Murray

While Murray has yet to take a snap in the league, he’s already shown he’s more than ready to run with the big dogs — off the field at least.

4.) Erin Heatherton- Jordan Cameron

Nice to see Cameron is taking advantage of his breakout 2013 season. Scoring Heatherton has to be far sweeter than any touchdown he’ll score this season, though.

3.) Anna Burns- Wes Welker

Two Hall of Fame quarterbacks and now Anna Burns in the fold? Jesus, Wes, save some for the rest of us.

2.) Ariel Meredith- Hakeem Nicks

Nicks may have never lived up to his first-round potential, but his new fiancé sure does. Dear Barbara.

1.) Lindsey Duke- Blake Bortles

Bortles is facing an uphill battle as the man tasked with resurrecting the Jaguars stagnant franchise, but his journey should be a lot easier with Duke in the fold. Might want to hang on to her, Blake. You’re in for the long haul.