The House Judiciary Committee Is Posting Crappy Reaction GIFs About Immigration Because MILLENNIALS LOVE GIFS

The United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee chaired by Bob Goodlatte (pronounced Good Latte) just sent out a press release regarding Obama’s immigration policy. Bob Goodlatte
is a Republican member of the House of Representatives representing Virginia’s 6th District, and he’s made quite a career (according to my limited Wikipedia research) out of Immigration Reform.

Sadly for Bobert, everything he’s ever done in his career is now all for naught. After sending out the ‘At the flick of a switch‘ press release using shitty reaction GIFs ol’ Bobert will never be taken seriously again. Here’s what half of the press release looks like:

1. Right now, one single person – the President of the United States – can turn off the enforcement of our immigration laws unilaterally. For real.

2. And that’s just what President Obama has done. Since he’s the boss of federal immigration enforcement officers, he’s told them to stop enforcing our immigration laws.

3. The problem is that when our immigration laws aren’t enforced, it encourages more illegal immigration and causes the system to implode. Not cool.

4. As we move forward to make our immigration system work better, we need innovative solutions that guarantee our immigration laws will be enforced in the future.

5. And Republicans in the House of Representatives are doing just that. They are taking a step-by-step approach to fix our immigration system, starting with enforcement first.

The rest of it continues on like that, and you can check it out in full HERE.

For now can we just admit this is easily the most embarrassing shit a politician has pulled in our lives? Some dumbass from Virginia thinks that using crappy reaction GIFs from ‘Pitch Perfect’ is going to get him in good with the millennials? Who the fuck does this guy think he is, BuzzFeed? Just because the President has been giving video interviews to large web publications doesn’t mean these asshats can go full on VIRALNOVA on us and think we won’t call them on their bullshit (Mr. President, if you’re reading this we’d love to interview you or preferably the V.P.).

I’m speechless here bros. This is un-fucking-acceptable. For now my only recourse at calling Bobert Goodlatte out on his idiocy is to share this with you, and hope that you all pass along the evidence of how fucking stupid of a political move this is.

This is me thinking about the state of the U.S. government right now: