How People React When You Tell Them You’re Not Drinking

by 3 years ago

I tried sober January. Emphasis on tried. I made it from January 2nd – January 31st, when I cracked open a Brooklyn Lager at the Knicks-Warriors game. Four straight weekends of avoiding drinking was brutal, but my memory recall was pretty great, as was my motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

The worst part? Having any semblance of a social life in New York City, where boozing comes as natural as breathing. It took me two weeks to try heading to a bar to see if I could resist buying a beer. Once I told friends that I gave up boozing for the month, the reaction I got was pretty much universal: “WHY?! HOW?!”

Anyway, the struggle was very real. And now that we’re in February, it feels great to have booze back in my life again. I think I’ll make up for those lost drinks in no time.