Bro Explains Ingenious Why To ‘Break Into’ A House After Getting Locked Out

Getting locked out of a house is one of life’s little “go fuck yourself” moments. After waiting for a locksmith, paying a locksmith or just sitting around until someone else with a key shows it, your entire day is shot to hell.

A guy named Brian got locked out of a friend’s house. Here’s the simple mistake Brian made to start the snowball of crap rolling down the hill.

“Ok. So this afternoon, with visions of a walk to Starbucks dancing in my head, I stepped outside for a second to check the weather. I’m staying with a friend outside of Philly, and she’s at work until 9 pm. It’s about 4 pm, and beautifully warm with a slight breeze. I turn to go back inside to get my shoes just in time to hear the click.

So. I’m locked outside, barefoot, with no phone. The apartment is on the third floor of a house, and nobody lives in the bottom two floors at the moment. After determining that I can’t break in with a credit card and that smashing the whole window probably won’t ingratiate my friend with her landlord, I climb the fire escape to the 3rd floor hoping for an open window. No dice.”

Now most of us would bust a window or just start begging for money to buy every dessert in Starbucks and put ourselves into a sugar coma until our friend got home. Not Brian. Brian went Jason Bourne on that lock and got himself back in the house. He searched his friend’s shed and found a jacket, a pair of shears and a spool of flexible wire. Here’s how he got back into the house.

H/T Reddit

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