Guy Trying To Eat A Big Mac Has His Meal Ruined, Pops His Shirt Off To Fight, Turns Into A Jiggly Jellyfish

From now on when someone asks me for the definition of ‘irony’ I’m going to show them this video that’s supposedly about how to eat a Big Mac from McDonald’s. Because once you watch the video you’ll see that it’s actually not at all about ‘how to eat a Big Mac‘, in fact there’s no eating at all. Which is kind of a shame, because here I am sitting at my desk in the BroBible office when I came across a friend on Facebook sharing this video with the caption ‘how to eat a Big Mac’ and thought to myself ‘hmm, maybe I’ll go crush a Big Mac for lunch after watching this’. Well, there was no eating of Big Macs and now I’m sitting here wondering just what in the hell I should eat for lunch.

Now that we’ve moved past establishing that there were ZERO Big Macs eaten in this video, can we talk about how this dude goes from 0 to Futurama‘s Doctor Zoidberg in a matter of seconds? I mean, I get that Big Macs aren’t cheap (somewhere between $3.99 and $4.79), but this was a prank from his friends, and that dude failed to recognize it. I’m guessing they bought him another Big Mac after this, because only a true idiot wold separate a man that size from his food. But this dude showed NO CHILL when it came to the Big Mac prank, and that’s somewhat concerning. Maybe he’s just hungry and needed a Snickers to chill? Or maybe that’s the umpteenth Big Mac his friends have knocked out of his hands? I do not have these answers. All I know for sure is that popping his shirt and hoodie off isn’t the best look for that dude when looking to throw down. Or maybe it is, because I can’t stop watching this video. This part’s just amazing:

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[H/T Matt W. via Facebook]