Chicks Shared All Of The Things Men Do That Actually Impress Them And You Really Need To Write These Down

Sure, doing handstand pushups on the beach is impressive, and so is taking a two-story beer bong to the dome without projectile vomiting afterwards, but more often than not those feats are just impressing your fellow bros and not the ladies. When it comes to genuinely being impressed chicks are looking for some things that most dudes might not realize, and that’s why all of the advice below is stuff you should take to heart. A bunch of ladies shared the things men do that actually impress them the most (like bathing), and it’s pretty eye-opening to see what the other sex is impressed by…So let’s get started:

Having a house or apartment they independently maintain and keep clean.


The first time I went to my now-husband’s house I was floored. His own house. No roommates. Super clean. A normal bed (not a mattress on the floor) and neatly made to boot? And it wasn’t like he cleaned for hours planning on me coming over. We’d been dating just a short time and I called him one day when I was in the neighborhood and walked in the door 5 minutes later. Looking back now it seems so normal, but it was far from the norm of the sloppy college bros I’d previously dated. He was an adult. And lame as it sounds, that fucking neat and tidy bed was super sexy.

I always do stupid stuff to pretend to impress my girlfriend and make a big deal about it and she just playfully rolls her eyes but last week I flipped an omlettte perfectly while mid conversation and its the first time I’ve seen her look genuinly impressed in our 4 years together.

let them finish their stories



I sealed it for my college girlfriend when she came over and I made broiled mahi mahi and couscous, shirtless, while she watched Young Frankenstein. I knew it was a done deal when she walked up behind me while I was cleaning the fish and put her arms around my stomach and her face against my back. Man, I miss that feeling.


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Smelling nice! It shows they care, and also they smell nice.

Listening to what I’m saying AND retaining it for later. If I mention something in passing and 2 weeks later the topic comes back up and he still remembers exactly what I said to start there and build from it, that’s a panty-dropper.

“If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”

My mum always said you can tell a lot about a man by how he treats animals. I extend this also to how he treats waitstaff at restaurants, curious children at the mall, crying babies in enclosed spaces.
It’s kindness to others that I feel impresses me the most; I know you can be kind to me, you want in my pants. Being kind to those around him is more impressive in my book.

Make her smile. Now listen, my moms only advice about women to me when I was a teen was “always find out what makes the woman you like smile”. I know it sounds dumb as teen, but now as a 40 year old man, that advice is solid AF and has not wavered. What’s great is that the formula works! See if you have a shallow woman who just like material things, then money and shit like that will make her smile. If you have a woman that enjoys a simple hug and a kiss, that will make her smile. If a you have a woman that enjoys lots of sex, then that will make her smile. So what better way to impress a woman than to get to know her and find out what makes her smile. Also, it is the test to see if you are compatible. Then you do your best to always put that smile on her face and if you do that better than any other man, she’s yours forever. Remember most of the time you forget a person’s actions, but you never forget how they made you feel.

Not a woman but this took me years to learn:
When your SO comes to you with a problem, LISTEN. Do not try to solve their problem as 9/10 they want someone to listen not to fix. Always was tough for me as I like fixing things.

Take an interest in them and try to learn more about their areas of interest. Too often, people try to impress others with the brag-a-thon method, but in reality, it’s much better to make others feel like they are interesting, too.

Apologize when they’ve made mistakes.
Accept apologies when we’ve made mistakes.

Treating his mother or sister or close female relative well and with respect gives a really good impression, IMO.

Cook for them. Seriously, when I was single, cooking a meal usually got a really good night afterward

I like it when guys are nice to little kids.

Communication. If you don’t want to go out or do something just let me know. If you don’t like something just tell me. I won’t judge you I won’t get mad but I can’t read your mind.

Shoot the shit with the staff
I always take my dates to places where I’m a regular. When everyone knows your name, it makes you look like a latter-day Sinatra.

Tease them, be playful, don’t seem overly concerned with being “nice”. Be respectful, obviously, but women tend to be turned off when they feel they are being placed on a pedestal.

When we were dating, my wife was impressed that I would always call when I said I would call.
I generally do the things I say I am going to do. That alone put me leagues ahead of a lot of other guys.

Last but not least….

Someone has said this before in one of these threads, but it really resonates with me: having a plant that he can not smoke and is not dead.

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Last but not least….