If You Watch This Video On ‘How To Make Leather’ While Eating, You’re Going To Regret It

This video detailing the process of turning raw cow hide into leather was pleasantly informative, albeit slightly repulsive at times.

I couldn’t imagine living a life without leather, it’s in ever facet of my life. From my shoes, wallet, car seats, boat seats, knife sheath, backpack, belt, and countless other things, leather’s a part of every day life for me.

But if I’m being honest here I’ve never really stopped to think (or learn) about how leather is actually made. I assumed it was some process of drying the raw hide out whiles staining it, but this video just dropped one slimy truth bomb after another, and now we know how leather’s made.

So take a moment on this day to learn something that might be useless knowledge in your every day life, but that is still interesting. But first let me reiterate, DO NOT watch this if you are eating:

tip of the hate to Gizmodo’s Sploid

And now for the nitty-gritty in GIFs:


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