Here’s How To Break Into The Most Common Safes In The World, Using Nothing But A Magnet And A Sock

Unless you’re one of the filthy rich (like this guy) chances are that you are like me and if you own a safe, you bought it at one of the big box stores.

Now my biggest fear is that I will forget the combination or lose the key (I actually have one safe of each type), but thanks to the very appropriately named Mr. Locksmith (aka Terry Whin-Yates) we now have a way to set our stuff free should that happen.

According to Whin-Yates, “Anything you buy in Home Depot, or any safe in Walmart, Costco, Staples, Canadian Tire — it’s all crap. We can open them in less than 10 seconds.” Bro, doesn’t mince words.

Don’t believe him? Watch the video below where it takes him oh, about two seconds to open a $250 safe he bought at Staples using just a sock and a magnet.

“Different types of magnets will open up most hotel rooms, most inexpensive safes and most apartment buildings. There’s very little security,” says Whin-Yates.

Watch and be dumbfounded at just how easy it is for him to break in and walk off with all of your stuff.

H/T Huffington Post

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