If You Need To Watch This Video On How To Smoke A Bong In Order To Smoke A Bong, You Probably Shouldn’t Smoke A Bong

If you don’t know how to smoke a bong then I have to assume you’re like, what, 14? In which case I don’t know how you even came into possession of a bong in the fist place barring the likely possibility that your parents are meth-toting trailer trash, but either way you shouldn’t be smoking weed. Go to school while it’s still free and be happy you don’t have any grown-up problems like taxes or the fact that I’m going to have to start paying for my own health insurance soon. Do drugs when you’re older and “mature” (whatever that means). But for now, close this tab and…what do 14-year-olds do on the Internet nowadays? Neopets? Yeah, go play Neopets.