Here’s ‘How To Survive A Grenade Blast’ Because This Is Something Every Bro Alive Should Know



99.999% of the world’s population will never need to know how to survive the blast from a grenade, but that shouldn’t stop you from being armed with this knowledge just in case the proverbial shizznit ever hits the fizzan. YouTuber Mark Rober teamed up with ‘The Backyard Scientist’ to put together this video that shows whether you’re more likely to survive a grenade blast by diving away and shielding yourself or jumping into a pool (or any body of water).

Get ready to learn some almost completely useless knowledge but knowledge that will make you feel more equipped to handle a terrorist attack:

So while it’s (a) EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that you’ll ever come in contact with live grenades tossed your direction and (b) in the unlikely scenario that you do come in contact with live grenades there’s also a body of water for you to jump into…If that ever happens now you at least know your best course of action.