This Article Explaining ‘How To Turn Down A Date’ Was Solid Until I Got To The Dumbest Piece Of Dating Advice Ever

Even though I’m in the industry (is blogging an industry? I’ll pretend as much just for my own ego) I still fall for the occasional click-bait headline. Often, the article is slightly satisfying but overall just a tease.

This article, however, about how to turn down a date, was actually filled with helpful and practical advice. The suggestions are similar to an article I did last week about breaking up with a woman and the crux of the advice is “just be fucking honest.” Here’s a few useful nuggets from the how to turn down a date piece.

Don’t make up lies, but be graciously honest. If you already have a boyfriend or girlfriend, let the person know. If you don’t have a sweetheart, but you are still not interested, tell him or her the truth. It’s okay to simply say, “No, thank you.” If it’s true, you can tell him or her that you are just not interested in dating anyone right now. Tell her you’re flattered, but you’re just not into her that way. It’ll suck for her, but the clean break heals fastest and shows respect for her by not dragging it out or stringing her along.

Alright, well telling a woman you’ve already got a “sweetheart” is kitschy as shit but saying “thanks but I’m not single” is a solid tip and might actually make the person push twice as hard. Ask bros with wedding rings.

The article suggests treating people as you’d want to be treated if the roles were reversed and using I statements to soften the ego blow because it makes it sound like the issue is more about you and not that they’re not good enough. All sage advice.

Until…until this lunacy. When dealing with someone who’s a little too aggressive, the article suggests…

Let’s say someone has just asked for your number: When you ask for his information instead rather than giving out yours, you’re putting the ball in your court—which means you call the shots.

Say something like “tell you what, why don’t you give me your number and I’ll call you.” They’ll feel like they accomplished something and leave you alone, and you’ll buy yourself some time to get away from them.

Wuht? The first 800 or so words of piece were spent being honest and in the last 300 it’s like “lie and give the person false hope.” And Christ forbid you run into the person again. “Oh, why didn’t I ever call? Well it’s like this…what’s with the pocket knife? Oh you’re just going to go right ahead and stab me in the nostrils. Fair enough. I earned that.”

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