This Is How You Can See Without Wearing Glasses If, Y’know, You’re A Giant NERD Or Something

Just kidding guys, this isn’t the 1950’s – you can wear all the glasses you want and no one will judge you…unless you’re also sporting a beard, tousled hair and a flannel. Then you just look like a hipster, in which case everyone will be judging you but only if you live somewhere other than Portland, Oregon or Williamsburg up in NYC. In fact at least 60% of the hipsters I saw in NYC wearing glasses didn’t even have lenses in the frames, which basically translates to “Gee whiz do I WISH I had impaired vision!” Who the fuck does that? Take your glasses off and be happy you can see normally, and if you can’t, then take your glasses off anyway and use the simple trick in the above video to see anyway.

Fucking hipsters.