High Schooler’s Smash Mouth Senior Prank Is The Best Prank Of 2017

by 1 year ago

This high schooler just raised the far on what constitutes a ‘great’ senior prank. He did so by tricking his teachers and coaches into participating without them realizing what was going down. It takes some serious stones for a high schooler to trick the only authority figures he knows into doing something unwittingly, and this bro pulled it off with aplomb.

Here’s the description on his video:

I told my Principal and Assistant Principals that I needed them to come read some words off a teleprompter for a “stress test”. Basically, I told them that their vocal tone and pitch would be able to be analyzed for symptoms of stress. What they didn’t know, is that I spliced the lyrics of All Star by Smash Mouth in a sequential order, and put these words in the teleprompter. After they all finished reading, I told them that they would be getting an email within a couple months with their data analysis. Well… this was their “data analysis”. To all the fellow meme lovers: Thank you. Smash Mouth wouldn’t have seen this if it wasn’t for you. (they tweeted at me HAHAHA)

What resulted is a glorious take on Smash Mouth‘s ‘All Star’, which is really the only Smash Mouth song anyone on the planet can name at this point including the members of Smash Mouth. Thankfully for this bro, since he put his prank on the Internet he’ll live on in infamy forever.

[via DIGG Video]

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