Hunger Games: Guy And Girl Try To Get Tinder Users To Send Them Free Pizza, They Get Weed Instead

by 4 years ago

A couple of weeks ago we shared with you the story of how a girl got eager gentlemen on Tinder to buy her pizza without ever meeting and no promise of physical gratification. The good people over at LOLPervs read the article (Many thanks for the shoutout) and came up with the genius idea to test the scheme to see if they could actually get thirsty Tinder users to send them free pizza.

In the sexperiment, Davidson used her Tinder to attempt to get dudes to satisfy her hunger. Meanwhile Stephen had the seemingly much more difficult task of convincing girls to send him pizza. They had a four-hour time limit to accomplish this delicious endeavor. Stephen started things off properly with a fantastic line of, “On a scale of 1-pizza, how generous are you feeling?” However, it turns out asking complete strangers for free food isn’t as easy as one would think. “You’re cute, but I’m not desperate to the point of buying things for people I’ve never met on Tinder,” a guy writes. Another male Tinder user shoots down the pizza caper, “Nah, I like strong independent women that don’t need no man to buy them pizza.”

After a few failed attempts, Davidson comes to the sad realization, “I’m whoring myself out for pizza.”

A delivery person finally arrives! But sadly she doesn’t have pizza.


Fuck. Now there’s a genuine conundrum. If they smoke the weed, they’re going to need the pizza way, way, way, way more than they initially coveted the carbohydratey goodness. They wisely declined the marijuana.

In the end, everyone was still very hungry after participating in the Tinder Hunger Games. The only pizza they got was of the emoji variety. And no weed. This was no game, this was a nightmare.


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