Extreme Twist Of Fate Or Karma? Hunter Kills Elk, Hunter Impales Himself On Elk’s Antlers In Freak Accident

by 1 year ago

The hunting community is looking at this incident as one of the craziest accidents imaginable, and anti-hunting advocates are calling this a clear case of karma in action.

What exactly happened? Well, on Saturday Gary Heeter, 69, was hunting for elk in a remote region of the Maury Mountains in Oregon when he shot a gigantic buck.

The Bend, Oregon man then tied the Elk to the back of his four-wheeler and proceeded to head on home where he’d carve that buck up into delicious mean. But on the way there his four-wheeler flipped backwards while going up a steep hill and Gary Heeter impaled himself on the dead elk’s antlers. He would then have to be rescued by a Life Flight helicopter and flown to the nearest hospital, St. Charles Hospital in Bend, where he’s now listed as being in stable condition according to Oregon Live.

If you are unable to view that video above here’s a link to view it.

Alright, bros, I’ve set a Twitter poll live on my personal account to get some feedback from you all. Do you think this was legit karma-in-action or a complete freak accident?

…(h/t Oregon Live + KATU 2)…

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