If Your Girlfriend Asks ‘What Would You Do If I Were Pregnant?’ Give This Response If You Don’t Want A Kid

by 5 years ago


If your girl ever blindsides you with the question, whether hypothetical or not, of “what would you do if I were pregnant?” you can’t panic. You also can’t, under any circumstance, scream “ABORTION TIME, BABAAY!!!” as you spike the football you’re holding in your hand. That’s never going to receive positive feedback, unless you’ve landed yourself a real catch of a lady, like Robin Scherbatsky.

For the rest of us, with girlfriends or wives who aspire to be mothers, we have to thread carefully because the wrong answer will lead to certain doom and sleeping on the couch. Even if we are only talking hypothetically and under no circumstance want a baby, we can’t immediately put our foot down and take any firm stance in the abortion direction. Thus, you must approach your answer carefully, thoughtfully, and yet, also a little diabolically. Just like this…

On second thought, if you are actually ready to have a child, you can probably just come out and say so. Shame on me to assume none of you want to reproduce.