This Is Why You Don’t Get Illegal Butt Injections: 22-Year-Old Stripper Dies From $300 Procedure At A Drury Inn

I shouldn’t have to be the one to say this: but you should NEVER, ever, under any circumstances undergo an illegal medical procedure. Furthermore, you should NEVER, ever, under any circumstances undergo an illegal medical procedure inside of a hotel in St. Louis. In a tragic turn of events a 22-year-old exotic dancer has passed away after suffering a cardiac event stemming from the $300 butt injections she received at a roadside motel (Drury Inn) in St. Louis, Missouri.

Two women have already been charged in connection to the death/under suspicion that they performed the illegal medical procedure. TheDailyMail reports:

An exotic dancer has died after getting an illegal butt injection, prompting police to question two women arrested in connection with another similar deadly procedure.
Daysha Phillips, 22, is said to have got the illicit lift with three other women inside a room at a Drury Inn in St Louis, Missouri, on July 26.
Two days later she was rushed to hospital with breathing problems and died last Thursday.
Her aunt Marie Cooper said she had a heart attack, and was found moaning and wide-eyed.
Mrs Cooper told the Dallas Morning News: People do need to talk about this. It’s happening everywhere. … I want people to take this seriously.
No suspects have been identified but the Edmundson Police Department contacted investigators in Dallas following a very similar case earlier this year.
They are believed to be Denise Rochelle ‘Wee Wee’ Ross, 43, and Jimmy Joe ‘Alicia’ Clarke, a 31-year-old who lives as a transgender woman, were arrested in March in connection with the death of Wykesha Reid, 34.

It doesn’t necessarily seem like the best time to be blaming Nicki Minaj and her lovely lady lumps. But at the same time I have to believe that if Nicki didn’t drop ‘Anaconda’ on the world in the past 12 months then we wouldn’t be seeing women flocking to roadside motels to get illegal butt injections to keep up with unfair beauty standards…or something like that.

I’m kind of serious though, I feel like this butt is to blame for the rise in illegal butt injection procedures around the country:

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