Check Out This Stupid ‘Illusion’ That Has Been Making Fools Of Thousands On Facebook

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Greg Brookman, Facebook

People are so gullible. I say that admitting that I have been a part of that crowd more than once. Too many times to count, in fact.

So it both annoys me as well as makes me laugh to see how many people fell for this “illusion” that was posted to Facebook recently. (Yet another reason to hate Facebook.)

Piggybacking on the viral craze that was the brick wall illusion we shared with you awhile back, someone thought they’d be “clever” and try something similar.

Here it is with the title, “All is not what it seems.”

Check out some of these comments..

“Some1 pm me the answer this is killing me.”

“Car hovering or is that not it?”

“Must have spent 30 minutes in total looking at this picture during today. Still nothing!”

“Aghh I see it now, very clever.”

Really? You saw it? That’s DEFINITELY impressive because…

That’s right. Nothing. There is no illusion. It’s just a 100% troll job.

So, what do you think? Brilliantly funny or total dick move?

Either way, be sure to share it with your friends so you can call them a dumbass for not figuring it out because that’s what we love to do, right? (I know, I am not helping things here.)

H/T Unilad