Australian Model Imogen Anthony ‘Torches’ Her Own Nipple On Instagram In Protest To ‘Free The Nipple’

We have seen a lot of “interestingprotests done over the past year or so in an effort to “Free The Nipple,” but Australian model Imogen Anthony just to it next level.

You see, that’s because Anthony decided that taking a flame to her own nipple would to protest against censorship and sexual inequality.

That’s definitely one way to draw attention to your cause I suppose, because, well, here we are today.

Last year Anthony shared a naked selfie on Instagram and wrote, “Hopefully in the near future, something as simple and raw as the woman’s breast or ability to express her sensuality, sexuality and bodily beauty, will be accepted more into today’s culture without being called a slut, a whore or someone who doesn’t respect themselves.”

I guess if a whole movie about the “Free The Nipple” campaign didn’t get the job done then you have to go to extreme measures such as this, right?

In the mean time, Anthony appears ready to just to skirt the rules as best as she can while continuing to deliver her message.

Rock on, Imogen.


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