Someone Turned Four In-N-Out Burgers Into A Gluttonous 10,000+ Calorie Pie

Screw your New Year’s resolutions. Want to increase your cholesterol without taking a single bite of food? Just watch this heavenly, gluttonous 10,000+ calorie creation from the dudes over at Food Beast.

They picked up a set of 4x4s cheeseburgers from the world famous fast food joint and put them over a bed of french fries:


As this GIF from Buzzfeed illustrates:


In order to make it actually like a pie, the Food Beast Bros cut it up then poured a batter of beaten eggs and half-and-half cream “to work as a binding agent.” Then they threw it in the oven for 30 minutes before topping it with cheese and fries:



After another 10 minutes, this is what it looked like when the Food Beast bros finally cut into it. SWEET MOTHER OF FAST FOOD GOD:



That looks like the most perfect creation I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m practically sweating Animal-style burger grease thinking about it.

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