Indian Restaurant Has ‘Entourage’ Poster Hanging On Wall For Years For The Most Hilariously Stupid Reason Ever

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Don’t let the Entourage poster hanging up inside the India Castle in Cambridge, MA fool you — the owner isn’t a mega-fan of the show, the movie or Vince and Drama. Rabhbir Singh doesn’t even know what the hell Entourage is, yet, a poster promoting the show has been hanging inside his restaurant for five years.

Why? He can’t get it down.

Singh said the poster has been locked in the frame, which is bolted to the wall, for years. He said a representative from a local TV station made him a deal — let us come change the poster in the box every two weeks, and we’ll pay you. Singh said he can’t remember how much he was supposed to be paid because the representative put the Entourage poster in and never came back.

It’s been locked in the frame ever since. Singh doesn’t have the key.

Ironically, I heard the movie was also trapped in time.

When contacted about the poster, local station TV38 claimed “no one at the station has any clue about the poster, who might have put it there, or how long it’s been there.”

Singh won’t pay to have the poster removed, and refuses to even smash the glass and take it out himself, so there is hangs among the typical art and decor found in an Indian restaurant. The poster has become such a fixture in the joint, Singh didn’t even know what the Boston Globe reporter was talking about when asking about it for the story.

Try the beef vindaloo, bro.


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