This Guy Has Come Up With An Ingenious (Albeit Slightly Creepy…) Way To Make Sure He NEVER Loses His Luggage

This past year at TomorrowWorld my suitcase got stained with mud that still hasn’t washed out, so I’m lucky in the sense that even though my luggage looks like it’s been crapped on by a herd of wild babies it’s pretty discernible when it comes a-chuggin’ down the baggage claim belt. For some people though, their luggage looks like everyone else’s: black, rectangular, and not covered in baby shit.

Good thing Redditor Jew3lr0se (presumably meant to be read as “jewel rose” and not “jew rose” like I sat here doing for the last five minutes) has come up with an ingenious way to fix this everlasting problem! Only one catch though…

You have to travel around with your face plastered all over your suitcase:

Of course, this won’t exactly stop the airport from fucking it up and shipping it over to Nebraska while your flight takes you to Orlando, but it’s a nice start nonetheless.

[Via Imgur]